Saturday, September 13, 2014

Letter to Dr. Baldwin (deceased author) about Present Day Higher Education

Dear Mr. James Baldwin
The belief that racism no longer exists is arbitrary. Most Americans would believe that complete integration has taken place or that racism has completely perished. I believe times have gotten better, but only in certain areas. Blacks are fighting and hating each other due to the subjection exhibited in mainstream media. They’re being taught to hate their intrinsic hair texture, skin color, and that all blacks are doltish, fatuous, frivolous, mischievous, unscrupulous, and much more, keeping the disparity between races immense. This is one of the many bewildering ways that whites control blacks. Many people believe that because we have a black president, or that much more black people are going to college that we’re making social progress. But the incarceration rates are skyrocketing and a lot of black people that go to college don’t graduate leaving them years in debt because of student loans. I believe the relationship between races have only worsened.

Tequan Mason